Garden Landscape and natural stone

The Garden sans souçis®

The Garden Sans Soucis ®


I developed the concept of the Garden Sans Soucis (French: “worry free garden”) within the past 18 years. There is no need to water the garden after the first season anymore. I exclusively work with plants that are fit to grow in our climate and soil. As an ambitious gardener, I require my plants to be extremely sturdy, long-living and to have a long florescence. No chemical substances are used to destroy weeds.

An exuberant garden which blooms in a way a voluptuous woman would while trying to force herself into a corset.




Removing the withered flowers, cutting back the perennial, fertilizing twice a year and cleaning your garden once in the winter... that’s all you need to keep it nice and blooming.


The “worry free garden” Garden Sans Souçis ®, a nearly labor free garden



A well cultivated garden throughout the whole year: please ask for price quotations.