Garden Landscape and natural stone

The Garden: If is was up to me...



If it was up to me…

A garden is supposed to be beautiful, ecological, low-maintenance and, of course, everlasting. Blossoms aren’t the only important part of a beautiful garden. Barks and leaves are just as essential to give a garden its charm.


Your garden in our hands from A to Z


In order for us to implement the garden of your dreams, we work closely together to produce a custom-made solution for you. We make sure that every single detail is matched with our customer’s vision.


It’s a personal thing


The first step towards designing a new project is for me to spend hours with my clients to study the soil and the environment. I’m particularly focused on learning my client’s preferences concerning colors, style, and favorite flowers in order to create their own version of a dream garden.


A garden plan to go

Startin at 750€ and up (depending on size)


Each to their own.

Every client has their own preferences, so here are the different formats you can choose from:


a) coaching/ personal instruction*

Based on your own ideas, we create a 3D version of your garden. Furthermore, we arrange for your plant selection and the required materials for your order. Thus, the client can manage his plan himself. The price depends on the size of your property.


b) completing an already cropped garden without a plan*

I walk through my clients’ gardens with them to get a first assessment. I then consult them, order and deliver the required plants, which are then put on their destinations. It’s either my clients themselves or a person of their trust who will then plant them. The wage rate per hour is115€  +taxes.

c) All inclusive concept*

We take care of everything for you – from planning to implementation. 


* Please contact us for further information and for an estimation of costs.



The 3D garden

The precision work begins after our first meeting.

I require a week to finish a garden plan. I work on it 8 hours per day, since the work on it depends on my undivided attention.

I begin by reconstructing your house and your property. Afterwards, I design suitable beds and begin the meticulous search for suitable flowers and plants.

Each and every plant should fit their surroundings perfectly. Moreover, all plants are supposed to harmonize with each other and are in need of certain lighting and soil conditions.

We use three-dimensional images to grant the possibility of visualizing the garden of your dreams perfectly. We provide a list of plant images to simplify an estimation of the required plants.

Every single bed is numbered consecutively on the two-dimensional technical plan, thus every home owner is able to implement their plans themselves.

We paint by numbers.